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 ethics of nano- and converging technologies

        EthicSchool started in 2007-2009 as a European project. Project coordinator Ineke Malsch organised summer schools on ethics of nanotechnology and of converging technologies, together with professors Arie Rip (Universiteit Twente), Jean-Pierre Wils (Radboud Universiteit) en Alfred Nordmann, assisted by Dr Maria Angeles Quesada (TU Darmstadt, Duitsland). The presentations and background materials are collected on an e-learning DVD, of which 500 copies were distributed:  

        Arie Rip, Jean-Pierre Wils, Alfred Nordmann, Maria Angeles Quesada, Ineke Malsch (eds) Ethics of Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies, e-learning DVD, EthicSchool project

        The results of a survey among users of this DVD in 2012 have been incorporated in these publications:

        Ineke Malsch, “Responsible Innovation in Practice. Concepts and Tools” in Philosophia Reformata 78 (2013) I 47-63

        Ineke Malsch, “Responsible Innovation in Practice” in Proceedings 2nd World Sustainability Forum, November 2012

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