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        Strategy setting workshops

        EthicSchool offers strategy setting workshops using the Scenario Exploration System (SES), in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Guided by a trained game master, 5-12 participants experience the impact of external factors on the feasibility of their innovation strategy with five, ten or fifteen years’ timeframes. In addition, they discover the relevance of cooperation with other stakeholders in achieving common goals. The following versions of the game are already available in English.

        -          Sustainable Transitions (towards a sustainable EU economy)

        -          Food Safety and Nutrition

        -          Nanomedicine, Nanotechnology in Smart Textiles and Nanotechnology in Brain-Computer-Interfaces

        EthicSchool offers a complete standard SES-session including the services of a trained Game Master, use of printed game, meeting room and coffee/tea for 350-600 euro excluding VAT (21%), depending on the number of participants (5-12).

        N.B.: Printable versions of the SES tool are available free of charge from the JRC under the Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-SA) that lets people use it and transform it.

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